The Parkhill, Hong Kong

The Parkhill, Hong Kong

These well-designed low-rise apartments reside in the North Western New Territories of Hong Kong in an area named Tong Yan San Tsuen, phonetically translated from the Cantonese pronunciation of Chinese New Village. Indeed, the area was only populated after 1950 and has maintained its countryside lifestyle up till today.

We provided lighting solutions for its apartments, landscape and clubhouse. A total of 31 lighting items rendered in this project

Budget Conscious and Flexible

As specialist in lighting projects, we understand the importance of offering solution of right quality and value to meet our customer’s needs. Value engineering is one of the value-added services we offer as a solution provider.

Based on the original architectural design, we developed a detail alternative proposal using less fixtures to maintain the lighting uniformity by applying lighting adjustments, choice of fixtures, tilting of angles, etc., for its outdoor facilities.

Examples of product recommended

* Products illustrated above are for reference only. We have not displayed the entire product categories deployed in this project.

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