Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, Hong Kong

In a stretch of green hidden away from the main road leading to downtown Sai Kong, the towering poles of the driving range become the direction sign from afar to locate this first class sports complexes, furnished with an exquisite sports house, a wellness centre and low-rise overnight accommodations.

We are the sole lighting solutions provider for all architectural, landscape lighting and decorative lighting for the entire project. Due to the unique application requirements, we also provide professional lightings such as those for tennis court and swimming pool. A total of 183 lighting items rendered in this project.

Early Participation in Site Work

Upon commissioning, we faced with site challenges in realizing lighting effect of the original design intent as the actual landscaping has deviated from the architectural drawings where our lighting fixtures were built. After extensive site inspections and measurements, we offered a more flexible alternative lighting proposal to re-design related lighting layout.

Examples of product recommended

* Products illustrated above are for reference only. We have not displayed the entire product categories deployed in this project.

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