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Lighting plays an important role in architecture. With good quality and properly installed luminaires, the result can be revealed much more than you expect.

To achieve such high quality lighting solution, we have a team of professionals to ensure your projects run smoothly from the very beginning of lighting design concept till the end of commissioning. Our one stop solution will provide our customers with a unique experience. This one stop service include lighting design, technical design, system & commissioning and site support.

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We provide unique concept proposal to design consultants including architects, interior designers and landscape architects.

• Design Concept
• Design Proposal
• Design Simulation

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Preliminary lighting package will be developed according to approved design.

• Light Calculation
• Product Specification
• Product Sourcing
• LEED BEAM Calculation
• Structure Modeling

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System & Commissioning Support will also be provided, as a one stop solution to client, to make sure the process of installation will run smoothly.

• Demarcation
• Combinated Service Drawing (CSD)
• Layout Drawing
• Schematic Diagram
• EL / ELV Section
• Typical Installation Details

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Prior to the completion of each project, T & C and O & M Manual will be tailor made to client.

• Testing & Commissioning (T & C)
• O & M Manual

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